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mqx.h version 3.8

Question asked by Tiago Gomes on Jul 11, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2012 by Tiago Gomes

Hello there,

I am porting my application from MQX 3_6 to  MQX 3_8, and noticed in the file mqx.h, in the "MEMORY TYPES MQX", there is the following piece of code:

# define MEM_TYPE_IO_USB_DCD_INFO_STRUCT                             1045
# define MEM_TYPE_IO_USB_DCD_INT_DEVICE_STRUCT               1047
# define MEM_TYPE_IO_SDIO_INT_DEVICE_STRUCT                         1045
# define MEM_TYPE_IO_SDIO_IN_BUFFER                                             1046
# define MEM_TYPE_IO_SDIO_OUT_BUFFER                                        1047

Note that the first 3 are equal to the last three. Those types of memory are really the same? Or this was an error of type "Ctrl + c Ctrl + v"?

Best regards.