joe hinkle

MC9S12XDP512 - Vector space will not program

Discussion created by joe hinkle on Jun 20, 2012

I've justed to use a MC9S12XDP512 development board.


It was previously programmed with a small bootload which I want to replace.


The device is not protected.


I have vectors (assigned Inturrept vevtors) from 0xFF60 to 0xFFFF.


Programming code space (0x4000 to 0x8000) works just fine.


In the Vector space - only FFDO to FFEF is being programmed.


FF600 to FFcf and FFF0 to FFFF is left unprogrammed.


Programming has been done with two different debuggers (Cosmic's ZAP and NoIce) - but result in the same issue.


Can someone suggest what I'm missing about this device which results in the inability to progem the vector space?


Thanks in advance for your reply.