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MQX and UPnP (SSDP) on Port 1900

Question asked by weblar on Jun 8, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2012 by weblar

I have a Kinetis K60 tower system and I'm listening on port UDP 1900 for multicast datagrams for the UPnP (SSDP) protocol. Unfortunately, I never manage to receive anything from IP address - the multicast address. Port 1900 is definitely open and working over UDP as I have a test application working with the MQX tower stack.


Using Wireshark, I can see the SSDP packets flying around with the various UPnP devices listening on port 1900 responding appropriately however my tower still receives no data.


Any clues? I may be missing some configuration values in the MQX BSP but I'm not sure which needs turning on or off.


Thanks in advance