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Can not use the function „strtod“

Question asked by nico engel on Jun 1, 2012
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I have to translate numbers from string to double. Therefor I would like to use the function “strtod(char *x, char **y)”


I test this with following code:


double   result           = 0;

char     *sub_str_end     = NULL;

char test[] = "1.234";


//! Test 1

result = strtod(test, NULL);


//! Test 1

sub_str_end = test+4;

result = strtod(test, &sub_str_end);


if (errno != 0)




But if I use this code, I get the number “-927712936.000000” for result.

Does anyone has an idea why this not work? (Are there missing compiler settings?)