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Novice assembler programmer

Question asked by Tim Sanderson on May 20, 2012
Latest reply on May 1, 2017 by Tim Sanderson

Hi folks and while I have been programming Motorola micros for about 10 years, I’m still a novice when it comes to writing programs.


I only write in Assembly language.


I’ve been working with QB8 chips for a few years and have no problems programming them for what I need, using CW6.3.


BUT, I needed a new micro for a project I am working on and purchased both some MC9S08SH8 micros and a USB BDM Multilink.


I have a program written for the QB8s but so far I have not been able to change the CPU setting to an MC9S08SH8 with out having loads of problems.


The main one is that each time I start a new program or change a existing program to use the MC9S08SH8, I continually get the A13003 coming up. This is the “Value is truncated to one Byte”


I have followed all the instructions given in the Warnings and Error files, all to no avail.


Is there any documentation that I can be pointed to to be able to sort out my problems and get a better education, form a novices point of view, for programming these micros using CW6.3


Regards, Tim.