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How to configure PE to enable USB in CW10.2

Question asked by Gavin Li on Apr 17, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2013 by Vojtech Filip

We have system use Kinetis MK60N512VMD10 with 10MHz crystal, I tried to use PE to configure the BSP, everything seems working except the USB doesn't work. The Virtual Com program doesn't provide a COM port. I have been using MQX3.7 and it works fine, but with MQX3.8+PE, It seems somewhere not right.

I am using the TWR-K60 BSP, added a new MK60 controller, and configure it according to the old one, but the generated code doesn't have Cpu_MCGAutoTrim() function, so I commented out the Cpu_MCGAutoTrim() function call, and get the BSP and VCOM compiled, but VCOM doesn't work.

Which option should I use to enable PE to generate Cpu_MCGAutoTrim() function?

What else should I do to let USB works? I already configred the clock settings and clock configurations.