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64 bit math

Question asked by chop on Apr 10, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2012 by chop

I'm attempting to build a DDS setup using A 9S08DN32 , and C in codewarior  , I've set up the floating point options with double as IEEE64 ( which I've assumed will allow me to go past a 32 bit limit , and yes I'm a newbie and with no formal C training )  Entering large numbers ( above the 32 bit limit gives me a, "illegal number" error , so I can't do the math required to program the DDS !!

I'm taking the basic code outline  from an Adruino project which runs without any problems and seems to handle very large numbers without batting an eyelid , however I want to use a Freescale MCU :-)  I'm assuming I'm making some obvious mistake , or is codewarrior/ 9s08 MCUs  limited compared with the Arduino ?