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CCSprotocolPlugin: failed to correctly configure JTAG chain

Discussion created by srujanvarmav srujanvarmav on Mar 15, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2012 by Tom Thompson

Hi All


im currently Working with MPC 8280 using CODEWARRIOR V8.8 , when ever i tried to connect it with USB tAP im getting a error message like "Failed to correctly configure the JTAG. and sometimes very rarely it gets connected and once JTAG cable is removed it does'nt gets connected for a long time for so many trials like 80 to 100 so on.


Now i need to know what may be the problem, and  whether it is a Hardware issue or do i need to change Code warrior settings.

I am attaching a snapshot of that particular error.

Please help me out  and Thanks in advance.