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Linker error with CodeWarrior v5.9.0

Question asked by Bhavya C on Feb 27, 2012
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I am working with CodeWarrior v5.9.0 for Coldfire processor MCF512x.

I have a project that was built for the same processor on the Codewarriorv5.7.0 and want to build it in this version.


My problem is that, the project which builds perfectly fine with v5.7.0 shows strange errors with v5.9.0.


I get the following Linker errors when I try to build the project.

Link Error  : Undefined  : "stricmp"

Referenced from "blah_blah" in...

Link Error  : Undefined  : "strupr"

Referenced from "blah_blah"  in...

Link failed.


The above mentioned string function definitions are available in "extras_string.h" which is called through the "extras.h" header.

Even if I explicitly include the "extras_string.h" in the file, the error shows.


Also, weirdly, at the time of build, the ELF files gets deleted from the output folder of the project and any subsequent build gives the error:

'Could not find or load the file "Project.elf" for target "Target"  for project "Project.mcp". '

(Weird considering that the first build was the one deleted it!!!)


I have been trying to figure this out for a long time now. Any help will be appreciated.