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Uncertainty of modification in .prm-file QD4

Question asked by Patrik Bjorklund on Jan 23, 2012
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I am wondering if the lines where I have a comment is needed or not (the stuff about STACK in PLACEMENT). It works great without it, but I have seen in some other threads that it is used.


I have looked at the .map-file and variables are placed from 0x060 and up and the Stack is placed where it should be.


So to finalize, is it enough to have things about the stack in the SEGMENTS area or do I need the extra lines in the PLACEMENT area?


Thanks for any answers!!




/* This is a linker parameter file for the mc9s08qd4 */NAMES END SEGMENTS     Z_RAM                    =  READ_WRITE   0x0060 TO 0x00FF;    RAM                      =  READ_WRITE   0x0100 TO 0x012F;    STACK_AREA               =  READ_WRITE   0x0130 TO 0x015F;    ROM                      =  READ_ONLY    0xF000 TO 0xFFA9;    ROM1                     =  READ_ONLY    0xFFC0 TO 0xFFCF;ENDPLACEMENT     DEFAULT_RAM,                                                                INTO  Z_RAM, RAM;    STACK                                           INTO  STACK_AREA  // <-- is this neccessary?!    _PRESTART,                              STARTUP,                                ROM_VAR,                                STRINGS,                                VIRTUAL_TABLE_SEGMENT,                  DEFAULT_ROM,    COPY                                                                        INTO  ROM;     _DATA_ZEROPAGE,                         MY_ZEROPAGE                         INTO  Z_RAM;ENDSTACKTOP 0x15FVECTOR 0 _Startup