Ross Myers

An MCF51 MCU I'd love to see

Discussion created by Ross Myers on Dec 27, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 30, 2011 by Ross Myers

I'd like to see a device in the MCF51JM series with CAN in a 32LQFP package, or even in the existing 44LQFP they offer (that doesn't currently have CAN, why?). Drop some of the other modules if needed, USB could go for Automotive use.

Currently CAN is only available in the 64LQFP or 80LQFP packages (eg MCF51JM32VLH), this is a PITA for the hobbyist (maybe Freescale don't care about this market segment). The pricing on the MCF51JM series is fantastic, however nearly all of Freescale's competitors offer small pin count devices with CAN (eg Atmel, Microchip). They also have similar pricing to the MCF51JM series, so it makes it tough to stay loyal to Freescale for anyone that needs CAN but doesn't want a 64 pin device to get it.