mbed support for RT1020 and LPC55S28

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mbed support for RT1020 and LPC55S28

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Does NXP has any plan to support mbed OS on RT1020 and LPC55S28 platform ?

If no, please advise which example project that I can reference.


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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hi Kevin Chu,

Thank you for your interest in NXP Semiconductor products and for the opportunity to serve you.
1) Does NXP have any plan to support mbed OS on RT1020 and LPC55S28 platform?
-- Actually, the mbed OS is developed by ARM, we don't know the schedule of planning to support other LPC55Sxx and i.MX RT series MCU in addition to RT1050 and LPC55S69.
2) Do you have the plan to port Zephyr on LPC55S28 as well?
-- For NXP, we don't have the plan to provide the demo about the Zephyr OS in the SDK software library recently.
3)  If not, how can I port it by myself? Any guidelines or instructions will be appreciated.
-- Firstly, I consider the Zephyr OS is able to run on the LPC55S28 too, regard the porting flow, I'd highly recommend you to refer to the User and Developer Guides.
I hope it helps.



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