iMXRT1052 ethernet Tx IRQ always enabled?

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iMXRT1052 ethernet Tx IRQ always enabled?

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Hi, on the ethernet peripheral we are seeing TxIRQ events even though the Tx interrupt is disabled?  I've instrumented the ethernet common irq handler and get the following stats:  Note that the EIMR register indicates only that Rx interrupt is enabled, yet there are alot of num_TXF,  num_TXB interrupt events in the EIR register?  Can someone help clarify this?  Are the TXF,TXB bits always set regardless of EIMR register setting? 

EIMR 02000000
numTxSends 42926
num_BABR_Interrupts 0
num_BABT_Interrupts 0
num_GRA_Interrupts 0
num_TXF_Interrupts 14774
num_TXB_Interrupts 14774
num_RXF_Interrupts 27440
num_RXB_Interrupts 0
num_MII_Interrupts 0
num_EBERR_Interrupts 0
num_LC_Interrupts 0
num_RL_Interrupts 0
num_UN_Interrupts 0
num_PLR_Interrupts 0
num_WAKEUP_Interrupts 0
num_TSAVAIL_Interrupts 0
num_TSTIMER_Interrupts 0

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport


Thank you for your interest in NXP Semiconductor products and for the opportunity to serve you.
According to your statement, it seems a bit weird, so I'd like to replicate the phenomenon, whether you can upload the sample code, then I will run it on the MIMXRT1060 board.

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