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(1) imx-itcm-unsigned.bd的內容如下,我需要知道裡面幾個參數分別的用法,分別代表什麼以及設定的規則 ?  (flags/ startAddress/ ivtOffset/ initialLoadSize/ entryPointAddress)


options {

    flags = 0x00;


    # Note: This is an example address, it can be any non-zero address in ITCM region

    startAddress = 0x400;

    ivtOffset = 0x1000;

    initialLoadSize = 0x1000;


    # Note: This is required if the default entrypoint is not the Reset_Handler

    #       Please set the entryPointAddress to the base address of vector table

    entryPointAddress = 0xA000;





(2) program_flexspinor_image_qspinor.bd 我修改過的內容如下erase 0x60000000..0x60040000,這是根據目前的code size先調大到256kBytesflash空間,我需要知道裡面幾個參數分別的用法,分別代表什麼以及設定的規則 ?  (kAbsAddr_Start / kAbsAddr_Ivt / kAbsAddr_App)


constants {

    kAbsAddr_Start= 0x60000000;

    kAbsAddr_Ivt = 0x60001000;

    kAbsAddr_App = 0x60002000;



# The section block specifies the sequence of boot commands to be written to the SB file

section (0) {


    #1. Prepare Flash option

    load 0xc0000007 > 0x2000;

    # Configure QSPI NOR FLASH using option a address 0x2000

    enable flexspinor 0x2000;


    #2 Erase flash as needed.(Here only 256KBytes are erased, need to be adjusted to the actual size based on users' application)

    #0x40000 = 256kBytes

    erase 0x60000000..0x60040000;


    #3. Program config block

    # 0xf000000f is the tag to notify Flashloader to program FlexSPI NOR config block to the start of device

    load 0xf000000f > 0x3000;

    # Notify Flashloader to response the option at address 0x3000

    enable flexspinor 0x3000;


    #5. Program image

    load myBinFile > kAbsAddr_Ivt;


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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi Li-Chin Wang,

Thank you for your interest in NXP Semiconductor products and the opportunity to serve you.
To provide the fastest possible support, I'd highly recommend you to review the 4.1.3. BD file for i.MX bootable image generation in the attachment.
Have a great day,

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