IMXRT1050 Using both USB Host and USB Device

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IMXRT1050 Using both USB Host and USB Device

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I am trying to get both USB device and USB host working on my board, USB host will have a MSD attached to it and USB Device will connect to the computer. I took the USB dev_cdc_vcom_freertos demo and tried to add it to the host_msd_freertos demo (With fatfs ported into it). After making some changes I got my project to build but I am having trouble with the USB device, I keep getting this error when I connect it "ASSERT ERROR " .fsl_os_abstraction_free_rtos.c:625 : pdPASS == result". As well USB Host does not complete any of the file server commands. Any suggestions on how to get the two USB's working together?


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In case there remains problems with dual-USB operation you can take a look at the uTasker project which allows code to run on Kinetis and i.MX RT parts with single or dual-USB.

The following short video shows the same project running on a Teensy 3.6 (K66F with FS and HS USB) and on an i.MX RT 1060 with USB-CDC on the first HS USB and MSD host (memory stick) on the second.
The complete USB controller operation and memory stick are also simulated so that development and debugging becomes much easier and more fun!
No porting between parts is needed and dual HS USB runs on i.MX RT 1050, i.MX 1060 and i.MX RT 1064 in any combination: device + host, host + device, 2 x device, or 2 x host.


[uTasker project developer for Kinetis and i.MX RT]

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