Debug bootloader & application images using JLink

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Debug bootloader & application images using JLink

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I'm trying to debug my bootloader, application and recovery images using JLink. I found a document "Debugging Bootloader and Application using KDS" and followed the steps. However, the "Commands" option where they add the symbol file for the application is missing in my Debug Configuration. I'm using MCUXpresso 11.0.1. Where should I be adding the symbol file instead?

I'm attaching a screenshot of my Debug Configuration edit window where the "Commands" option mentioned in the document is missing.pastedImage_1.png

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport



I recommend you to check MCUXpresso IDE User Guide, in chapter 11.3.4 you will find how to add symbolic information from additional projects via the Other Symbols tab on a projects launch configuration.


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