24MHz Crystal for RT1064 custom board

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24MHz Crystal for RT1064 custom board

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Hello, I have a custom board design for the MIMXRT1064DVL6A with a 24 MHz crystal connected as recommended in the documentation. I have read an earlier thread about a similar problem where the result was that the crystal was faulty. Since that is an old thread I start a new with a similar problem but for the RT1064. I suppose the whole family uses a similar crystal oscillator circuit.

I have referenced the MIMXRT105060HDUG Hardware development guide. The IMXRT1064IEC Technical data sheet and the IMX25CEC Technical datasheet. From this documentation, I understand that a crystal with the following data can be used: "A typical 80 ESR crystal rated for a maximum drive level of 250 μW is acceptable", it also says: 24.0 MHz crystal should be connected between XTALI and XTALO. That is quite clear instructions with a wide choice of crystals available.

I have put a 2.2M Ohm resistor between GND and P11 (Xtal 1) for the startup of the oscillator as recommended.

The crystal I have chosen is the XRCGB24M000F1H00R0  XRCGB24M000F1H00R0|Ceramic Resonators/Crystal Units/MEMS Resonators|Timing Devices|Murata Manufactur... 

With the following data:

Product Type Crystal Unit
Series XRCGB
Type HCR2016
Frequency 24.0000MHz
Frequency Tolerance +/-10ppm max. (25+/-3℃)
Operating Temperature Range -20℃ to 70℃
Frequency Shift by Temperature +/-10ppm max.
Frequency Aging +/-2ppm max./year
Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR) 80ohm max.
Drive Level (DL) 150μW (300μW max.)
Load Capacitance (Cs) 6pF
Shape SMD
Wash Not available
L x W (size) 2.0x1.6mm

The oscillator does not start. Can you see any problems with this crystal choice for the RT1064?

I look forward to your answer.


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Contributor III

Hi jeremyzhou, thank you for your answer. The issue is resolved and was caused by a faulty track on the PCB. The Xtal XRCGB24M000F1H00R0 does work but the specification seems to be a bit high on the max drive level so we will use another xtal with less drive level.



NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi Lars Wallden.

Thank you for your interest in NXP Semiconductor products and
for the opportunity to serve you.
The 7V24000002 is used on the MIMXRT1064 board, the specification of this 24 MHz crystal is almost as same as the XRCGB24M000F1H00R0, so it's a bit weird for the XRCGB24M000F1H00R0 startup fails.
So I was wondering if you can share the schematic of the crystal circuit, in further, what is the crystal fail rate of your customer board?



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