some problem with imx233

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some problem with imx233

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download updated imx233 bsp and install ltib,

1. ltib gst-plugin have no mfw_mp3_encoder.

setup was as following:

./ltib -c

select gst-plugin,gstream -plug-base,gst-plug-good, CFimager the and rootfs.ext.gz 's content to sd card,boot imx233 dvk,

root@freescale ~$ cd /

root@freescale /$ gst-inspect |grep mfw

mfw_mpeg4aspdecoder:  mfw_mpeg4aspdecoder: Freescale MPEG4 Decoder

mfw_v4lsink:  mfw_v4lsink: Freescale: V4L Sink

mfw_aacdecoder:  mfw_aacdecoder: Freescale AAC Decoder Plugin

mfw_mp3decoder:  mfw_mp3decoder: freescale mp3 decoder

mfw_mp4demuxer:  mfw_mp4demuxer: FSL MP4 Demuxer

mfw_avidemuxer:  mfw_avidemuxer: FSL Avi Demuxer

mfw_h264decoder:  mfw_h264decoder: Freescale    H264 decoder

root@freescale /$

//no mfw_mp3encoder: freescale mp3 encoder,can't excute mp3 encoder.

2. select

./ltib -c

select fsl-mm-codec-libs and fsl-mm-mp3enc-libs

can't get fsl-mm-mp3enc-codeclib.1.8.0.tar.gz.


./ltib -c

select fsl-mm-codec-libs only.

no test_mp3_enc_arm9_elinux and

can't exectue mp3 encode either..


download updated imx28 multimedai framework.


re-install ltib.

the result is as attachment.

all in one word,

there are some error in imx233/imx28 mp3 encoder,

could someone help me ?

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

The codec package fsl-mm-1.80.tar.gz does not possess the mfw_mp3encoder element and thus mp3 encode is not supported.

I tried the L2.6.35_1.1.0_130130_MM_CODECS on BSP L2.6.35_1.1.0 using i.MX28 and got similar errors. It looks mp3 encode do not work in i.MX233 & i.MX28.

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hello Cheng youping,

FYI, the mp3 encoding issue is resolved in community and you can apply the solution at Can't encode mp3 on imx28

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