p1010 how to support the SDHC BOOT

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p1010 how to support the SDHC BOOT

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Dear sir, During debugging P1010 B Verison ,we select spi boot.And when we usd sd 2GB card,,it can boot correctly.but when we used sdhc 4 GB card ,it can't boot without any print on tty console .But in user manual,it said support both of card type to boot in sd boot mode.we don't have DAT file in our SDK ,and we make our SD CARD BOOT Head data by myself referring to the user manual,and we make sure we are 512 Bytes alignment in bin file.the attachment below is our sdhc boot bin file.please help me to find where the problem is.or can apply the DAT FILE for us,our P1010 BOARDS  run in 800M DDR MODE.thank you!


Original Attachment has been moved to: sd-boot.bin.zip

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