on imx8q, fastboot reboot bootloader and ahab reset

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on imx8q, fastboot reboot bootloader and ahab reset

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Dear NXP:

I am wang shuaiqing from hirain company. We are using imx8qm/imx8qxp board.

I found AHAB status can update after the board power-off / on.

But AHAB status do not update after board reboot with command "fastboot reboot"

Is this case normal? 

Could you tell me which command or function in C language can reset AHAB status??


我们在使用imx8q 系列的 板子,

开发过程中发现,对板子做一些修改之后,AHAB status 只能掉电 上电 之后 更新,

使用fastboot 命令 ahab_status 得到的 状态 不会更新。

希望告知 如何用命令 或者 哪个代码中的函数 可以重置 ahab status.

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Which BSP are you using?

Could you tell me more information about how to reproduce your issue?

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BSP version is imx-4.14.98-2.3.0

We move serial console command " fuse prog & fuse read & ahab_status & ahab_close " to fastboot console.

reproducing step :

1. write fuse by command fuse prog;

2. fastboot reboot bootloader

3. ahab_close

4. fastboot reboot bootloader

5. ahab_status

6. power off / power on

7. ahab_status

We got "OEM closed" at step 7, and it is expected.

We got "NXP closed" at step 5, it should be "OEM closed", too.

And i think it is the same situation at serial console.

So, could you tell me how can we get the right status at step 5???

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

"reboot" command can only make A core partition re-power again, the SECO and SCU can't be re-power, so the SECO events can't get updated.


If you want to use a command to make the A core partition and SCU, SECO all re-power, you need to modify the ATF source code, the patch is attached. After you apply this patch, you can put 'reset' command in uboot to replace the #4 step.

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