imx8mm serial file transfer via debug line

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imx8mm serial file transfer via debug line

NXP Employee
NXP Employee


is there a way to transfer files from/to imx8mm evk via the debug line (serial line) so one doesn't have to connect the ETH or other serial lines etc.?

The setup is: imx8mm evk connected to PC (Win 10) via Debug Line.

Thanks for any help,


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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi Vojtech

nxp does not provide special utilities for that, seems

if meaning " debug line (serial line)" is com port (i.MX8M Mini EVK FT2232D

USB <=> serial port), one can use any terminal utility for transfering files, for example HyperTerminal

How to Transfer Files in HyperTerminal | 

File Transfer - Xmodem Ymodem Zmodem Kermit - Hilgraeve 

Best regards
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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hi Igor,

thanks for your reply. I was able to figure out how to transfer files, but it was quite pain. So for everyone who is interested in this, I provide step-by-step solution, as the details is what is missing. Usually the answer I found was use minicom, hyperterminal etc. without any details. So here we go:

My setup was:

PC with Win 10 (Windows Subsystem for Linux - WSL present)

imx8mm evk

Interconnection between PC and board via USB (PC) - Debug Line interface/mico-USB (board)

Board powered with USB type C from a docking station.

A switch powering the board was set to ON

Establishing connection with board

First we need to establish connection to the board via serial line (Debug line serves as a virtual com port):

option 1) TeraTerm (download and install TeraTerm)

- open TeraTerm

- select "Serial"

- my TeraTerm offered connected devices via serial line, so just select the right COM port

- confirm

Afterwards the terminal should appear (blank)

At this point its necessary to check the serial line configuration, which can be done under "Setup -> Serial Port..." in TeraTerm. (not sure you need to restart the session???)

Press "Enter" and a login prompt should appear. Login to your board.

option 2) use screen utility under WSL (I'm running Ubuntu on my Win 10 OS)

- start WSL

- connect to board like this:

$ sudo screen /dev/ttyS# 115200

(maybe you need to change the privileges for ttyS# via chmod)

The COM# ports are mapped to ttyS#. COM1 = ttyS1 etc. Some info can be found here Serial Support on the Windows Subsystem for Linux – Windows Subsystem for Linux 

A blank screen should appear (as in case of TeraTerm), so just press "Enter" and login to your board.

Transfering files from PC to board

On your target board:

$ cd /path/to/directory/where/file/should/be/transferred

Type following command into the command line on your target board and confirm it

$ rz --zmodem 1>/dev/tty# 0</dev/tty#

tty# is your terminal identifier and can be obtained by executing:$ who am i

option 1) TeraTerm

To transfer a file, just navigate in TeraTerm to:

"File -> Transfer file -> zmodem"

A pop-up window should appear and you just select a file to transfer. The file will be transferred to the board and the transfer should terminate.

option 2) screen

Detach from your screen session by pressing "Ctrl + d, Ctrl + a.


$ sz --zmodem /path/to/file/to/transfer 1>/dev/ttyS# 0</dev/ttyS#

ttyS# is the identifier of COM port used to establish transfer in previous steps.

A file should be transferred to your target board and the transaction should be terminated. Reattach the session executing in WSL:

$ sudo screen -R -D "session_identifier"

The session identifier can be obtained like:

$ sudo screen -ls

I'll review the steps and update them, as I wrote the instructions from my head.

Hope this will help someone,


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