iMX8M nano Processor Power Down

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iMX8M nano Processor Power Down

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Hi All,

I want to know more about the iMX8M nano processor, in this processor it has 4x A53-cortex(core0 , core1, core2, core3) and 1x M7-cortex would be there, my queries are as below

1) How to do the Power Down and Power UP for both A53-cortex and M7-cortex ?

2) Is it possible to do Separate Power Down and Power UP for A53-cortex and M7-cortex , if yes then how to do ?

3) If question no.2 answer is not then,

        case1:  Is it A53-cortex controlling or monitoring the power management on M7-cortex or M7-cortex is controlled                           by A53-coretx ?

        case1:  In A53-cortex if i put One core is ON and remaining any one or two or three core in deep sleep mode then

                     M7-cortex also go to sleep mode or not ?  or

       case 2:  If i put the entire A53-cortex in sleep mode then M7-cortex also go to sleep mode or not ?

Thanks in advance 

Best Regards

Nandish S.G

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Hello  Gusarambula,

Thanks for reply, 

Best Regards.


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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hello Nandish S.G,

My apologies for the delay.

You can see more details on the power up and power down sequence on the i.MX8M Nano datasheet (link below)

This power up and down sequence powers both the CortexA-53 cores and the M7-Cortex cores. Initially the CortexA-53 would boot and then start the M7-Cortex.

It is not possible to separate the power up and power down of both core types and in a general sense is the CortexA-53 the one that sends signals to the M7-Cortex. As for power modes, you can find the different power modes in section 3.1.6 of the datasheet. You may put the CortexA-53 to sleep while the M7-Cortex is still running, for example.


I hope this information helps!


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