i.mx7D: implement upgrade function on device's web gui

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i.mx7D: implement upgrade function on device's web gui

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Hi all,

I'm a newbie to the i.imx7 platform and have been given the task to allow the customers of a device based on this hardware to update (flash) their units in the field - simply by clicking on an "update"-button which would check for the presence of a new update image (most preferrable the same as created for mfgtool) first and then start the update process if applicable.

By now I did not find any example on the web that would explain this step by step i. e. how to upload the image directly from any web URL onto the device and then initiate the flash process.

Does anyone of you guys have a recipe for me how to manage that?

Many thanks in advance,

Dieter Möhrle

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi Dieter

I am afraid such web gui application is not availabe.

In general one can try to develop it using mfg tool sources

GitHub - NXPmicro/mfgtools: Freescale/NXP I.MX Chip image deploy tools. 

Best regards

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Hi Igor,

thank you for your answer. What is the reason for this, why has no one tried to implement such an application before?

Or was I not quite clear with my question and we have some misunderstanding at the moment?

I wrote "most preferrable the same as created for mfgtool" but this would be a nice-to-have ... not a MUST-have. Any other kind of image would also be acceptable as long es it would be easy to create (and manage regarding the future upgrades).

Or in one simple other question: how is a firmware upgrade feature vie web GUI normally implemented on this platform?

The preceding generation of the product I'm working on had three upgrade buttons on total, i. e. one for the kernel, one for the file system and one for the user space. I could try to find out how they implemented these three functions but it wouldn't be that helpful since it ran on a totally different hardware... and I'd prefer to have on single image instead of three...

To use the mfg tool sources could still be helpful - depending on what concept will be chosen in the end...

One issue to be clarified first with this would be: for being able to upgrade the device with the mfg tool, the user first hast to change a jumpfer setting and power cycle the unit. This brings it up in ready-for-upgrade mode... a stand-alone software solution should also provide an upgrade procedure that allows the firmware upgrade to be done without any change of the jumper settings.

Best regards and thank you for your answer,


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