i.mx7 boot elf from nand

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i.mx7 boot elf from nand

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hi there. 

I'm recently begin working with i.mx7 and i.mx6. I want to boot my elf kernel with u-boot from nand flash storage. but i have no idea how to do that. 

I google for how to do this and read u-boot reference manual so I found one solution for writing elf on Nand flash with using linux mtd. is this solution correct? I wrote u-boot (that boot linux later) and elf file to nand flash with linux mtd, and when power on board, u-boot in nand start to running but can't read elf file for execution... 

Do I need to change u-boot source for boot elf ? in other word is this correct solution: "I need to two version of u-boot, one for load linux kernel and another for load elf from nand"?

can anyone help me?

thanks for attentions. 

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi mrshafie,


We do not usually elf boot on this, one can refer to the Linux documents, there one can find the boot methods, including nand boot, please take a look:




Israel H.


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