i.mx53 GPU - does not work

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i.mx53 GPU - does not work

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Hi everyone.
Someone might explain, step by step, how to start the GPU in the Yocto Zeus (  i.mx53 ).

My parameter: MACHINE ?? = imx53gsb

                        DISTRO?= fscl-framebuffer

DISTRO_FEATURES_remove =" x11 wayland"

DISTRO_FEATURES_append = " framebuffer opengl gpu"

Best regards

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hello Alex Berenshtein,

In this older thread (which I’m realizing it was started by you) there is insight on pending developments, perhaps they could help:


The i.MX53 is not supported on the BSP releases, only on the Community BSP. That being said, I would recommend switching to an older branch which may have more work done. Zeus is stable but I’m not sure much work has been done on the i.MX53 as of today. You can subscribe to the mailing lists (link below for more information) to ask developers and users of the Community BSP about the status of the i.MX53 GPU support for the different Branches.


I hope this information helps!


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