i.MX6 SABRE platform - Need Public & RSA private key certificate

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i.MX6 SABRE platform - Need Public & RSA private key certificate

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I have been working to add HDCP support to our Miracast Sink solution deployed in Freescale i.MX6 SABRE platform.

During HDCP authentication, HDCP receiver needs to send public key certificate to Miracast source.

This public key certificate & RSA private key has to be purchased from DCP LLP (http://www.digital-cp.com/) by getting required license (http://www.digital-cp.com/licensing).

I found that Freescale is HDCP 2.x Licensed Adopter  http://www.digital-cp.com/about_dcp/list/hdcp_licenses_adopters .

How could we get access to public & RSA private key certificate ?

Also, Does Freescale support RNG (Random Number Generator algorithm, NIST-SP 800-90) for AKE (Authentication Key Exchange) & RSAES-OAEP Decryption Scheme in i.MX6 SABRE platform ?



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NXP Employee
NXP Employee


Sorry, but the information you are requesting is treated as confidential info at this time and requires a signed NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement). Naturally, we cannot discuss this with you in public anyway, this requires to be handled as a Service Request (SR). Be aware that to give you remote support through a SR, we will still need the confirmation of a Freescale employee that the NDA is in place. If you want to go this route, the next steps will be: If you have already signed a NDA agreement for this product, please contact the person who assisted you or create a SR and name us a Freescale person that can confirm this. If you have not signed an agreement, please contact your local Freescale Distributor Salesperson or FAE for assistance. For a listing of our distributors, refer to: http://www.freescale.com/webapp/sps/site/overview.jsp?code=DISTRIBUTORS

Hope this will be useful for you.
Best regards!

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