i.MX51 WinCE mature platform from Yuanying

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i.MX51 WinCE mature platform from Yuanying

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    YY-MX51W is an WinCE System Platform based on WinCE6.0 kernel ,along with Yuanying design style consisting of core module (6-layer) and base board(2-layer). and adopt ext2 file system, designed by Yuan-ying Technology. i.MX51L own plateful peripheral interface, such as USB HOST, USB OTG, TVE Output、DVI、VGA、LVDS、TFT LCD、SDIO and so on, i.MX5A is widely applied various field, including:  Consumer Electronic/Automotive Infotainment, industrial computer and industrial control. Which is the most suitable platform for tablet/Smart Book, Smartphone, MID, E-book, Digital Picture Frame, Home Media Terminal, V2IP, Car Multimedia, Industrial Computer, Factory Automation, HMI design.

      Core module be selling alone, customer can only focus on the application software design and based board re-layout, largely shorten the time to market cycle.


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