i.MX 8M Plus EVK Board Kernel Panic

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i.MX 8M Plus EVK Board Kernel Panic

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I have i.MX 8M Plus EVK Board and want to make some audio examples on it. I wanted to upgrade all packages in the system and run below command. After this command some warnings occured. Then I wanted to reboot by writing (reboot -h now). Normally It was resettable with that command but this time it did not reset. I manually reset it and it gives me kernel panic error while booting. What could be my mistake and how can I restore my system ? I had no change in EVK board's system so if it is easy I can go to initial status of the board. 

#: apt-get dist-upgrade

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hello fozen,


Are you in yocto? you need implement this steps to do apt-upgarde:

  • 1.Modify the build/conf/local.conf 

    1. PACKAGE_CLASSES = “package_deb”
    2. PACKAGE_FEED_URIS = “http://<local-machine-ip(or your server IP)>:7777”
    3. EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES += ” package-management “

    2.Build our image

    • $ bitbake ec-image

    3.Generate the package index:

    • $ bitbake package-index

    4.Run a webserver to expose  package index to the outside world

    • $ cd build/tmp/deploy/deb
    • $ python -m SimpleHTTPServer 7777

    5.Deploy the image to the target

    • $ sudo dd if=ec-image*sdimg of=/dev/sdX

    6.Boot your target and update it

    • $ apt-get update

    7.If you would like to install tcpdump/GStreamer. (don’t forget to update the package index as well)

    1. $ bitbake gstreamer1.0 tcpdump
    2. $ bitbake package-index

    Run the following on target

    $ apt-get update


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