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gstreamer in directFB image

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I intend to test the gstreamer video decoding and camera streaming capability using the directFB image (bitbake fsl-image-dfb). However, I notice that the gstreamer in the dfb image is very minimal and does not have the elements like mfw_v4lsrc (camera input), vpudec (hardware video decoder) etc.

Is there an image in the bsp that can do what i required, running camera streaming and video decoding using gstreamer to directFB? Or i need to custom-made my image?

Thank you.


Zhen Cong Tee

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

I would recommend downloading the Yocto BSP release as it contains more codecs than the Community BSP. Are you working on the BSP release or the community BSP?

You may find the steps to download the i.MX6 BSP Release on the L3.10.17 i.MX6 Documentation Bundle available on the documentation page. Please look for L3.10.17_1.0.0_LINUX_DOCS (Linux 3.10.17 BSP & MM Bundle)

Then look for Freescale Yocto Project User's Guide.

Just to ease things the key information would be the repo which is:

$ mkdir fsl-release-bsp

$ cd fsl-release-bsp

$ repo init -u git:// -b imx-3.10.17-1.0.0_ga

$ repo sync

$ MACHINE=< machine name> source -b <build directory> -e <backend fb,

dfb, wayland, x11>

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