eglImage vs glTexDirectVIV

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eglImage vs glTexDirectVIV

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I'm currently try to port our cross platform framework to different architectures. So far every platform supported EGLImage extension by using EGL_NATIVE_PIXMAP_KHR. I found some examples for the iMX53 to get it running with EGL_NEW_IMAGE_FSL but this seems to be not supported by the iMX6, is it? Also I would prefer to have the official khronos extension EGL_NATIVE_PIXMAP_KHR instead of a proprietary FSL one.

The things that bugs me most is the lack of official documentation. Are there also some hints what's the best practice regarding streaming texture uploads? I know there are glTexDirectVIV methods available (although there is also a lack of documentation especially regarding thread safeness) but since this is again a proprietary extension, I wonder if it isn't possible to use an EGLImage with the same performance.  But I couldn't even found some information about possible image formats for an EGLImage, in case the iMX6 supports this extension at all.

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