Yocto 2.7 (Warrior) + RiotBoard ineffective reboot command

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Yocto 2.7 (Warrior) + RiotBoard ineffective reboot command

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I am trying to use the Yocto 2.7 to generate a BSP.

I get issue with it, this an issue with reboot, this command has almost no effect.

The Yocto configuration the basic configuration, here is the trace:

root@imx6dl-riotboard:~# reboot

The system is going down for reboot NOW!oard (ttymxc1) (Mon Sep  9 13:14:00 2
INIT: Switching to runlevel: 6
INIT: Sending processes the TERM signal
root@imx6dl-riotboard:~# Stopping OpenBSD Secure Shell server: sshdstopped /usr/sbin/sshd (pid 504)
Stopping system message bus: dbus.
Stopping syslogd/klogd: stopped syslogd (pid 513)
stopped klogd (pid 517)
Stopping random number generator daemon.
Deconfiguring network interfaces... ifdown: interface can0 not configured
ifdown: interface can1 not configured
Sending all processes the TERM signal...
Sending all processes the KILL signal...
Unmounting remote filesystems...
Deactivating swap...
Unmounting local filesystems...
[   59.402446] EXT4-fs (mmcblk0p1): re-mounted. Opts: (null)
Rebooting... [   61.560829] ci_hdrc ci_hdrc.1: remove, state 4
[   61.566594] usb usb1: USB disconnect, device number 1
[   61.571862] usb 1-1: USB disconnect, device number 2
[   61.602306] ci_hdrc ci_hdrc.1: USB bus 1 deregistered
[   61.621993] reboot: Restarting system

The linux version:

Poky (Yocto Project Reference Distro) 2.7.1 imx6dl-riotboard ttymxc1

root@imx6dl-riotboard:~# uname -a
Linux imx6dl-riotboard 5.0.7-fslc+gc7a0e482a175 #1 SMP Mon Sep 9 09:50:35 UTC 2019 armv7l armv7l armv7l GNU/Linux

What is the problem with the reboot command ?

(shutdown -r now has the same effect).

Best Regards,


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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hello JY RIOT,

The FSL Community BSP is supported by the Community trough the meta-freescale mailing list, you can find more details on the link below:


Perhaps it could be good that you report this, as the Warrior branch is very recent and may still have some pending bugs that are being fixed.

You could also try switching to an older more mature branch to see if this problem is not present there.

The Riot board is manufactured and supported by Element14. So maybe they have more insights on this, I would suggest that you check their website and forums as well.


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