Where is the web for download i.mx6ull uboot

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Where is the web for download i.mx6ull uboot

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In order to quick a new product, I need know the list version  of uboot.  who can tell what is the latest uboot's download web and can see the history version?

thank you


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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi @ArronXi625 

To access the link: GitHub - nxp-imx/uboot-imx: i.MX U-Boot, you will see history version in branch or tag.


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The latest U-Boot for i.MX6ULL can be found in the NXP's official website. The U-Boot is a universal bootloader with support for many CPU architectures, including ARM (ARM7, ARM9, StrongARM, Xscale), which is used in the i.MX6ULL.

For the i.MX6ULL, you can download the U-Boot source code from the official NXP website. The U-Boot source code comes with a GPL license, which means you can modify and distribute it under the same license.

Once you have downloaded the U-Boot source code, you can set up the U-Boot and toolkit, make and program the image according to the instructions provided in the U-Boot quick start guide. The guide provides a simple user guide on how to use U-Boot on the i.MX6ULL MCU.

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