Using the i.MX6 CSI with 12-bit Bayer data

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Using the i.MX6 CSI with 12-bit Bayer data

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I’ve got an image sensor that provides 12-bit Bayer data to the i.Mx6 through the CSI port.  We will be using OpenCV to convert from raw Bayer to BGR.

When using IPU in more than 8 bits, it packs it into a 16-bit word.

I’d like to confirm which pins on the CSI bus I need to put the 12-bit image sensor data into in order to have the data go into the framebuffer with the camera data in the lower 12-bits of the 16-bit word as OpenCV likes to have the data in the least significant bits and I’d like to avoid having to do another operation on the whole frame buffer to shift the bits down.

There is a community post that addresses a similar question, but it is specific to the i.MX53: MX53 CSI/IDMAC config for Aptina 12-bit grayscale camera?

I believe the CSI & IPU on the i.MX6 is sufficiently different from that of the i.MX53 such that the above post doesn't apply to the i.MX6.



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