Using iMX27 with MC13783, no switcher outputs!

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Using iMX27 with MC13783, no switcher outputs!

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I have a development card using an iMX27 processor and an MC13783 Power Management device to provide the LDO and Switcher rails that I require to power the iMX27. I have configured the PUMS pins on the MC13783 to provide +1V2 on SW1 and +1V8 on SW2 but I'm not getting any outputs from these 2 switchers. Both PUMS1 and PUMS2 are connected to GND, and PUMS3 is floating - I have followed the MC13783 User guide, specifically section 5.3 of the document. The LDO's are present and SW3 (unused) is also up and running. SW1 and SW2 are both configured for 'Parallel use' to provide up to 1A. Has anyone else had issues with the MC13783 power management device used in this manner with the iMX27? 


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