TDA19988 interfacing with Zynq ZC702

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TDA19988 interfacing with Zynq ZC702

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In an upcoming design, we have used TDA19988 HDMI transmitter which takes in 24-bit RGB data from ZC702 FPGA. This data is being fed into a splitter chip, from which data gets displayed onto the various monitors. But we are having some doubts about the implementation. It would be great if you can help us with the same to get the interface up and running.

1) Is there any evaluation board or breakout board for TDA19988 which can be purchased for POC level

2) If yes, what are the pricing and lead time for the purchase

3) After skimming through the datasheet, we found that I2C communication is needed for retrieving data about EDID, CEC, and configuration. But register settings and descriptions are not available in the datasheet (55-page document). Is there any other document which gives further technical details like the default register settings and other implementation aspects. Kindly share the same for our reference

4) Will the HDMI transmitter work off the shelf without I2C configuration, in which the fed in RGB 24 bit data will be displayed on an HDMI monitor

5) In our design, the HDMI out from the HDMI transmitter is being fed into an HDMI splitter and then onto displays. Is there anything special which needs to be done in this case?

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