Sometimes MIC Recording noise on i.MX6Q Sabre-AI board

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Sometimes MIC Recording noise on i.MX6Q Sabre-AI board

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Hi Community,

  We meet a problem which is just the only one bug not fixed in the customer project and this bug blocks the MP plan.

Based board: i.MX6Q Sabre-AI

                OS: Android_jb4.3_1.0.0

  Audio Codec: Realtek ALC3261

  After power on, do MIC recording with Android default recording APK and play the recording file, sometimes, there is noise.

  the symptom is strange. If it is ok after power on this time, it will be always ok all the time before power down; if it is noise after power on this time, it will be always NG all the time before power down.

  if use commond tinycap and tinyplay, the symptom will also happen.

  Realtek FAE has already checked. If the MIC audio bypass to analog output, there is no noise. if the MIC audio is recorded through i.MX6Q, the symptom will happen.

  The below picture is part of diagram. If any more needed, please let me know, i will paste more.

  Could you give me some advices :smileyhappy:, we have already checked this issue for 1 month:smileycry:


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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hello Jianhua Xu,

Would you please play the recorded file on a different device (like a PC) and confirm the issue is in recorded file?

Another recommendation would be increasing the drive strength for ESAI_SSI_EXT1_CLK. Maybe the ALC3261 had locked in wrong MCLK frequency. Please also double check the power up sequence for ALC3261.

Would you please also confirm if you measured and compared the MCLK, SCKR, FSR for ok and failure case?

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