SDK of IMX8M MINI MIPI Interface

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SDK of IMX8M MINI MIPI Interface

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Hello everyone, Recently, there is a project that needs to use the mipi-csi interface of imx8m mini to collect the image data output by the sensor chip with Mipi interface. At present, the signal waveform has been tested by the oscilloscope at the Mipi interface end of imx8m, but it is not clear how to call / collect the Mipi interface data of imx8m mini to internal processing, and whether the Mipi interface of imx8m Mini is needed SDK function package or other software operation to call Mipi interface data? Project is urgent. Looking forward to reply as soon as possible! Thank you!
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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi pengduanhuan


for mipi-csi one can look at linux documentation, sect.6.1.4 MIPI Camera Serial Interface (MIPI CSI)

 i.MX Linux Reference Manual​

and nxp linux sources in repository:


Best regards

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