QSPI port B

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QSPI port B

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1. I want to use QSPI port B (GPIO_SD_B0_04, GPIO_SD_B0_01, GPIO_SD_B1_00, GPIO_SD_B1_01, GPIO_SD_B1_02, GPIO_SD_B1_03 and GPIO_SD_B1_04) to program a flash (not for boot, another flash).

FLEXSPI_B_SS0_B (GPIO_SD_B0_04) and FLEXSPI_B_SS1_B (GPIO_SD_B0_01) don't appear in the Daisy IOMUXC register, although there are many pads to define those functions. Why?

FLEXSPI_B_SS0_B can be on pin GPIO_SD_B0_04 and on pin GPIO_SD_B1_05.

2. To use the Flexspi port B, we must change the default value (ALT5) to the ALT1, ALT4, and ALT6 (Respectively to the pad), right?

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