Programming ZMK on i.MX6

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Programming ZMK on i.MX6

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I'm trying to program the ZMK on the i.MX6 but just can't get it to work.  I must be missing something simple.

- The system is secure booting in "closed" mode.  

- hab_status reports no errors in u-boot

- SSM_ST of SNVS_HPSR is 1101 - "trusted"

- ZMK_WSL and ZMK_RSL of SNVS_HPLS are not set (ZMK is writeable and readable)

- ZMK_RHL and ZMK_WHL of SNVS_LPLR are not set

- ZMK_ZERO is true

- ZMK_HWP of SNVS_LPMKCR is false (software programming mode)

- The processor is executing in Supervisor mode 

- I write a test pattern to the ZMK registers (0x20CC06C - 0x20CC08C) using 32-bit writes

- When I read back, I get 0x00, and ZMK_ZERO is still true

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport


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