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PSWITCH on imx23

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I am a student making a custom system on a PCB with the imx23 processor. I left my PSWITCH pin as no connect. But i read that it should be pulled to VDD in order for the system to boot up, did i read that right? i read the power-up part in the manual and it lists either a 5V power supply or PSWITCH pull to above 1 v for 100 ms. So do i need to connect PSWITCH to anything? 

I have attach my .sch and .brd file, please comment, feeback for improvement greatly appreciated. The files are attached.

problem i faced so far:

1. processor not booting up, 2.5v rail reads 5v,

what is one way to check if processor boot correctly? attached a PC to the USB pins to see if there are any output? or put a serial console on the USB Debug pins?

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi Anh

PSWITCH is described in sect.32.4 PSWITCH Pin Functions Reference Manual 

for PSWITCH connections one can check

Schematics (2)
i.MX23 EVK Design Files for Rev C boards: Hardware Schematics, Gerbers,
OrCAD files and System BOM(REV 1.1)

i.MX23 Evaluation Kit|NXP 

Note, this processor is very old and not supported in nxp software, one can check

third party resources like

IMX233 - Olimex 

usually wrong voltages are caused by brownouts, may be useful to check

(i.MX28 power system is similar to i.MX23)

Brown out issues on ConnectCard (Wi)i.mx28 modules | Digi International 

Best regards
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