No data output from MIPI CSI-2 -> ISP

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No data output from MIPI CSI-2 -> ISP

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I'm trying to get a custom MIPI camera to stream video to an i.MX8MP, but for some reason no data ever reaches the output stream/file.

I have the whole chain(Camera->MIPI->ISP->File) running with a basler demo camera and gstreamer, which works just out of the box.

But when running with the custom camera and drivers no data is ever put in the file. There are no errors what so ever. In the log from the MIPI interface I can see that start/end frame interrupts are coming at the expected frame rate, so it seems that the issue is not in the Camera->MIPI interface, but instead something internal in the i.MX8MP, maybe the ISP?

Comparing log outputs when using the demo camera and our custom camera nothing seems to be different.


I tried changing in the hs_settle and clk_settle variables, but they seem to be set correctly, changing them only leads to MIPI errors.

Does anyone have a clue to what might be wrong?

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