MfgTool unable to open uboot.imx file

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MfgTool unable to open uboot.imx file

Contributor II

Built target-specific uboot image.  Specified as file to use in cfg.ini.  MfgTool refuses to open the image.  Permissions appear correct.


MfgTool.log contents:

DLL version: 2.7.0
Wednesday, March 15, 2017 15:34:41   Start new logging
ModuleID[2] LevelID[1]: Boot command-- file C:\imx7\L4.1.15_2.0.0-ga_mfg-tools\mfgtools-with-rootfs\mfgtools\Profiles\Linux\OS Firmware\firmware\u-boot-imx7d-joe_sd.imx failed to open.errcode is 2
ModuleID[2] LevelID[1]: Parse ucl script failed, error code: 4


What gives?  This uboot image is built directly from the u-boot-fslc git repository.


Thank you,   Joe

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Contributor II

There are two directories in the .../mfgtools/Profiles/<chip>/OS Firmware directory, files and firmware.  Apparently the desired file(s) MUST exist in both in order for them to be recognized and processed.  This is not mentioned in the documentation.

In "Manufacturing Tool V2 Linux or Android Firmware Development Guide V2" it states in "How to Configure U-Boot and Kernel Image for MFG" item 3,

Copy the uboot bin to the “Profiles\${TARGET_PROFILE_NAME}\OS Firmware”, such as: “Profiles\MX6Q Linux Update\OS Firmware”. This uboot bin file must be located in this directory.

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