MX28 Linux Embedded System Introduction

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MX28 Linux Embedded System Introduction

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As one advanced technical company , Yuanying Tech focus on FREESCALE i.MX series product design for embedded system, up to date we have launched the series development platform based on i.MX25、i.MX35、i.MX51,help many our customers largely shorten the time to market about their product and create the success one and another. Now we are proud to announce we have finished i.MX28 Linux development platform:YY-MX28L。


i.MX28L is the system platform based on Linux 2.6.31 kernel,treat ext2 as system file,  own i.mx287+128MB DDR2 system hardware, be able to boot up form SD card or NAND Flash,also i.MX28L including 7” LCD and resistance touch panel. Which built in i.MX28 all input/output resource. Continue to use Yuanying design style (CPU core board + bottom board),the components of CPU core board meet the industrial level,be able to work at the temperature range of -40C to +85C,and storage temperature from  -55C to +125 degree. i.MX28L can widely applied for consumer electronics field, outdoor multimedia, industrial control and HMI, medical equipment and so on .Which is the good selection to power meter terminal, HMI of industry equipment, automotive ECU, medical device display interface。


   Offer CPU Core Board selling and open bottom system board design to speed up customer end product design cycle. And, commit to deliver the best cost effective performance than the similar ARM9 system in mass market. visiting for more details.


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