LPDDR2 suspend on imx6sll

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LPDDR2 suspend on imx6sll

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Hello all,

In order to add self-refresh support to lpddr2 on imx6sll, I created two arrays of offset for "mmdc io" and "mmdc" in the file "pm-imx6.c" but I can not figure out which registers I need to specify for "mmdc io offset" and "mmdc offset". And what configurations should be specified for "mmdc offset" registers.

Maybe there is some example of how to do it?

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi Valentin

one can look at MMDC baremetal examples in SDK, it (1.1.0_iMX6_Platform_SDK.zip)

can be found on  SMP Enable in IMX6 

Best regards
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Hi Igor,
Thank you for your reply.

I have an example of the registers "mmdc io offset" and "mmdc offset" for imx6sx :
static const u32 imx6sx_mmdc_io_lpddr2_offset[] __initconst = {
    0x2ec, 0x2f0, 0x2f4, 0x2f8, /* DQM0 ~ DQM3 */
    0x300, 0x2fc, 0x32c, 0x5f4, /* CAS, RAS, SDCLK_0, GPR_ADDS */
    0x60c, 0x610, 0x61c, 0x620, /* GPR_B0DS ~ GPR_B3DS */
    0x310, 0x314, 0x5f8, 0x608, /* SODT0, SODT1, MODE_CTL, MODE */
    0x330, 0x334, 0x338, 0x33c, /* SDQS0 ~ SDQS3 */
    0x324, 0x328, 0x340,        /* DRAM_SDCKE0 ~ 1, DRAM_RESET */

static const u32 imx6sx_mmdc_lpddr2_offset[] __initconst = {
    0x01c, 0x85c, 0x800, 0x890, /*MDSCR,MPZQLP2CTL,MPZQHWCTRL,MPPDCMPR2*/
    0x8b8, 0x81c, 0x820, 0x824, /*MPMUR0,MPRDDQBY0DL,MPRDDQBY1DL,MPRDDQBY2DL*/
    0x828, 0x82c, 0x830, 0x834, /*MPRDDQBY3DL,MPWRDQBY0DL,MPWRDQBY1DL,MPWRDQBY2DL*/
    0x838, 0x848, 0x850, 0x8c0, /*MPWRDQBY3DL,MPRDDLCTL,MPWRDLCTL,MPDCCR*/
    0x83c, 0x840, 0x8b8, 0x00c, /*MPDGCTRL0,MPDGCTRL1,MPMUR0,MDCFG0*/
    0x004, 0x010, 0x014, 0x018, /*MDPDC,MDCFG1,MDCFG2,MDMISC*/
    0x02c, 0x030, 0x038, 0x008, /*MDRWD,MDOR,MDCFG3LP,MDOTC*/
    0x040, 0x000, 0x020, 0x818, /*MDASP,MDCTL,MDREF,MPODTCTRL*/
    0x800, 0x004, 0x01c,        /*MPZQHWCTRL,MDPDC,MDSCR*/

And the configuration for some registers "mmdc offset":

if (cpu_is_imx6sll() &&
        pm_info->ddr_type == IMX_DDR_TYPE_LPDDR2) {
        pm_info->mmdc_val[0][1] = 0x8000;
        pm_info->mmdc_val[2][1] = 0xa1390003;
        pm_info->mmdc_val[3][1] = 0x400000;
        pm_info->mmdc_val[4][1] = 0x800;
        pm_info->mmdc_val[18][1] = 0x800;
        pm_info->mmdc_val[20][1] = 0x20024;
        pm_info->mmdc_val[23][1] = 0x1748;
        pm_info->mmdc_val[32][1] = 0xa1310003;

I'm trying to figure out why they are installed, in order to understand what registers I need to set up for me for imx6sll.

Best regards

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