Identify IMX7D silicon revision

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Identify IMX7D silicon revision

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I am trying to identify which silicon mask revision I have in the IMX7D i have on my board.

According to imx7D data sheet:

the mask revision numbers are stored in OTP. 

Looking at reference manual, address 0x3036_0800 gives you revision numbers, but there is no mapping between revision number and the mask versions 2N09P and 3N09P which the Erratas use.

There is also no documentation on mask versions in OTP fusemap.

Can you please post documentation and page number on where I can get these mask versions as I need to know what workarounds to apply per the erratas.  




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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport


it is correct you'll find the revision stored in OTP, in reference manual chapter 1.10 Chip Revision page 234, you'll find chip version corresponding to the value in OTP.

You may also take a look in datasheet section 1.1 Ordering information page 4 for the part number nomenclature to identify the chip revision.

Regarding errata, if not specified in errata the device affected it does apply to the all chips revision.

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