How to set register values of OV5647 camera sensor to get true RGB colored images?

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How to set register values of OV5647 camera sensor to get true RGB colored images?

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Hi Team,

  • Am using imx8m-mini custom board with RPI 5MP camera which has OV5647 sensor,
  • Am successful in capturing images and video with the help of gstreamer tool.
  • From datasheet I understand that OV5647 produces bayer format, we used bayer2rgb plugin from gst tools to get raw format.
  • Only issue we are observing is images and videos have green-ish tint and not in true RGB color.

I tried v4l2-ctl to set registers values, it is not working for me.

After going through couple of community post related to similar issue, come to know that we need to tune and configure OV5647 camera register values.

Now My question is,

- Have you came across this issue?

- How do you resolved this issue?

- Do I need to edit OV5647.c driver to tune the register values? Is there easy/quick solution so that we can fix this issue?

- Rpi OV5647 driver has support for multiple image resolution formats, also methods to SET/CLEAR register values, can we port that driver to imx8?

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi, Autoamp,

  ov5647 camera outputs 8/10bit RAW data, not YUV / RGB,  i.MX8 doens't support hardware ISP, which means RAW data can't be handled and displayed directly.

  But we provide softISP for customer, the softISP is based on OpenCL and OpenVX.

   Here is the introduction of softISP.

   and here is the application note of the softISP.


Hope this information is helpful to you.

Have a nice day!



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Hi Weidong,,

Can you share documentation and user guide about how to implement softISP for iMX8M-Mini. Thanks for being helpful.

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Hi weidong_sun,

Thanks for such a prompt reply. We are looking into softISP function. 

Meanwhile please check the image output that we are getting.

- I have tried using nayer2rgb filter from gstreamer plugins

- I have tried using OpenCV api to convert bayer to BGR format

But results are not as expected True RGB format. PFA sample file

Can you also share user guide or tutorial, for setting/enabling softISP function.