How to fuse prog revoke SRK from uboot or user space

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How to fuse prog revoke SRK from uboot or user space

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I successfully set up secure boot with the imx8mm similar to this post:


Secure boot works. Now I want to revoke a single SRK key permanently within the SoC. From the imx7 I know that I need to write a bitmask to some memory mapped area. This info was retrieved from the security documentation back then.

Now for the imx8mm I do not have access to the security documentation yet.

Can someone tell me how to revoke an SRK for the imx8mm within u-boot or linux user space?

I have an NDA if this helps in speeding this up.

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi @starlabsstas 

The way of revoking SRK for i.MX8MM is similar to imx7.  Like fuse prog 9 3 bits[0:3].

More details can be found at B SRK revocation on HABv4 of  i.MX Secure Boot on HABv4 Supported Devices (


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