How to configure DNS and timezone in imx8mp BSP

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How to configure DNS and timezone in imx8mp BSP

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Hi Team,

Need help for the following issues,

Using yocto imx8mp board with kirkstone code base.

Issue 1) The steps I used to configure the timezone,

1. Added ntp protocol to sync server time, this works, but updates UTC time rather than local time
2. In order to fix this issue, I added tzdata to the Yocto build, but I still see UTC alone in zoneinfo

ls /usr/share/zone
ls: cannot access '/usr/share/zone': no such file or directory

#timedatectl list-timezones  

Issue 2) DNS configuration

During booting, I am using shell scripts to configure /etc/resolv.conf, but the file is getting refreshed. Could you tell me how to fix this? 

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Add below code into /etc/profile, you need set hwclock.

export TZ
hwclock -w


DNS configuration, please refer systemd-resolved, the /etc/resolv.conf is linked to /run/systemd/resolve/resolv.conf

# This is /run/systemd/resolve/resolv.conf managed by man:systemd-resolved(8).
# Do not edit.
# This file might be symlinked as /etc/resolv.conf. If you're looking at
# /etc/resolv.conf and seeing this text, you have followed the symlink.
# This is a dynamic resolv.conf file for connecting local clients directly to
# all known uplink DNS servers. This file lists all configured search domains.
# Third party programs should typically not access this file directly, but only
# through the symlink at /etc/resolv.conf. To manage man:resolv.conf(5) in a
# different way, replace this symlink by a static file or a different symlink.
# See man:systemd-resolved.service(8) for details about the supported modes of
# operation for /etc/resolv.conf.


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