Generation of u-boot image for I.MX8QM Board

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Generation of u-boot image for I.MX8QM Board

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I am trying to generate u-boot image for I.MX8QM board(imx-5.15.32-2.0.0), by using following procedure but proper u-boot image is not generating, but u-boot  image available in NXP server is working properly.

Currently I am following below procedure for generating u-boot image.

bitbake u-boot-imx -c clean -f

bitbake -c devshell u-boot-imx

make imx8m_mek_defconfig (at git folder) --> Is this configuration is correct or not, please confirm.

bitbake u-boot-imx -c fetch

bitbake u-boot-imx -c compile

bitbake u-boot-imx -c deploy

At finally I am getting u-boot-sd-2022.04-r0.bin, u-boot-spl.bin-sd-2022.04-r0 and u-boot-imx-initial-env-imx8qmmek-sd-2022.04-r0 images but these images are not working.

Please help us to create proper u-boot for I.MX8QM board.

Mallikarjuna B,

Thanks & Regards.

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport


For i.MX8 chips, it uses the flash.bin image, which is actually the boot image container set, can include SCFW, SECO FW, M4 image, ATF image, U-Boot image, and SPL image.

To create this binary please refer to the Linux documentation, i.MX_Linux_Users_Guide.pdf
4.5.13 How to build imx-boot image by using imx-mkimage

Best regards,

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