Device Tree(DTS) in Uboot

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Device Tree(DTS) in Uboot

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Dear All,


   I am having i.MX6ULL custom board which is currently running Latest stable kernel from NXP based on Yocto Krogoth 2.1 :

Kenel :4.1.5

Uboot : 2016.03

I came across i.MX6 community  BSP : 

It is having following Uboot and Kernel

Uboot: 2017.03

Kernel: 4.9.x

When I went through the source code of Uboot and built for i.MX6ULLEVK I see that some dtb is generated and all device tree is available in u-boot-imx/arch/arm/dts/ folder. It looks like some kind of stripped down version of Linux kernel device tree.

I have some doubts regarding Device tree on U-boot:

  1. When device tree for U-boot was introduced?
  2. Is it mandatory to use Uboot device tree?
  3. Can I use same device tree as that of kernel.?
  4. Can this device tree only minimal items (required to boot)

Please clarify above items . I will do some research on this Uboot device tree Topic.

With Regards,

Keshava Kumar B

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee


   U-boot uses own Device Tree version, it describes only modules, that are needed for boot.

The first mentions about U-boot Device trees for NXP BSPs may be found in “i.MX_Linux_Release_Notes.pdf”

of NXP L4.14.62 (beta).


< >


Summary page:




  It is recommended to use “i.MX_BSP_Porting_Guide.pdf” of NXP documentation regarding

adaptation U-boot for customer’s boards.


Have a great day,

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